Understanding the Benefits and Value of Health Information for Payers

Payers are under pressure to comply with CMS and ONC Interoperability and Patient Access rules. Aside from checking compliance off their to-do list, payers who meet the requirements will be in a position to recognize significant benefits, including the strategic value of interoperability and the robust health information it provides. In this webinar organized by WEDI, a payer industry group that advises the U.S. government, Smile Digital Health CEO Duncan Weatherston and BC Idaho Lead Strategist & Architect Rich Tallon explore how longitudinal views of patient data, AI, and machine learning can power greater analytic capabilities, drive down costs, improve member engagement and HEDIS scores, and meet patient demand for access to their data.

The webinar also shows how a major Pacific NorthWest provider started with VALUE first—using Smile to develop a mobile application designed to provide members with better access to their data, advanced consent controls for concise patient-driven sharing, and the ability to help them connect with health professionals in their area—and just happened to become CMS regulation compliant in the process.