Neither should your support – When it’s past midnight and you are dealing with a critical issue in your production environment, you’ll feel confident that the experts at Smile Digital Health are right there with you to ensure the continued operation of your systems.

Need to provide round-the-clock accountability to your customers and your organization? Our Premium Support subscribers rely on our responsive, rapid, and effective complex problem-solving capabilities—24/7.

Minimize downtime. Maximize value.

Going live with an implementation is exciting. Worrying about serious technical problems and potential downtime, not so much. Every moment you lose waiting for support impacts operations and the bottom line. With Premium Support, there is no such thing as after-hours. We provide day and night telephone access for critical incidents, so you have a direct line to our professionals whenever it's needed, wherever you operate in the world.

Our streamlined process for ticketing and triaging issues includes prioritization, so we can work together towards an efficient and quick resolution. Plus, with hourly updates, you will be kept informed every step of the way. And when you are up and running faster, so are your users and customers. Everyone can get back to business as usual—and back to realizing maximum value from your implementation.

Premium Support Process

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Working overtime for your peace of mind.

When a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a customer sets out a defined response time for issue resolution, your reputation and resources are on the line. To mitigate risk, you need to maintain a high-performing system across all stakeholder time zones.  

Smile’s enhanced support experience can help meet the terms of your SLAs and your internal standards. After all, we don’t just know FHIR—we helped build it. The Smile team includes major HAPI FHIR contributors, so you can be confident we have the expertise needed to tackle your most difficult technical challenges.

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