Healthcare tomorrow is open, connected and seamless. Smile can help you bring your capabilities up to speed, then let you lead the way. You’ll be able to introduce our solutions at any level of your client’s ecosystem without disrupting what’s in flight. We think it’s simple: data should be free to drive innovation.


Build a FHIR Centre of Excellence.

Don’t simply add FHIR to your repertoire — create a practice. We’ll help upskill your team to walk, talk and breathe open-source healthcare. Once you’re experienced with the foundation, you’ll have the vision to recognize new opportunities ahead of the trends.

Go global.

FHIR is used by healthcare providers around the world, so you’ll be connecting with standards shared from San Francisco to Seoul. Grow into new markets with ease.


Outcomes, not obligations.

You’ll never be stuck with us. Our partners keep the flexibility they need to input, output and migrate the data wherever it needs to be — without running into contract roadblocks. We’re not gatekeepers. We’re liberators.

Share seamlessly, accurately and securely.

Smile helps ensure your stakeholders have the data they need at their fingertips. Of course, interoperability doesn’t mean an open door. You’ll be able to monitor, authorize and audit with greater ease than ever. 

Build once. Use everywhere.

Even the smallest implementation can grow into something incredible. Our approach ensures the work can scale up, down, left or right to suit the landscape and your needs. Smile solutions are built to be interoperable at every level to embrace the reality today and the possibility tomorrow.

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