The Features:

✔︎ Fully HIPAA1 compliant

✔︎ 70+ industry-standard form templates to choose from, including: primary and specialty care, reimbursement programs, pediatric care, social determinants of health, behavioural health and complementary medicine

✔︎ Smile Forms are sent via the preferred method, SMS or email, and via the language of choice, including English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese

✔︎ Built on FHIR®2 open standards, Smile Forms smoothly captures patient response data in a format that integrates with any EHR system–yet remains readable and editable by clinicians

✔︎ Built-in scoring logic allows for automatic recommendations to be comprehensively presented to providers

The Benefits:


Alleviating Staff Burnout

✔︎ More quality face time with patients, allowing clinicians to do what they do best

✔︎ Decrease clinician workload, with time saved pre and during patient visits

✔︎ Alleviate administrative burden, with Smile Forms automatic screening form assignment 


Patient Care & Experience

✔︎ More personalized patient experience and quality face time with clinicians

✔︎ Increased form completion rates and better patient communication yield better patient outcomes

✔︎ Accurate and complete medical records with minimal administrative overhead, as the EHR is directly updated


Operational Efficiencies

✔︎ Forms generate extra income when paired with reimbursement programs, such as the Adverse Childhood Experience screening initiative and other drug studies

Smile Forms is part of the Smile Health Data Fabric and supports data integration and ingestion.

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  1. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

  2. Health Level 7 (HL7®) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)