Are you achieving the full value of your clinical data stored in C-CDA format?

Does your existing C-CDA to FHIR transformation solution meet your current and future US Core and USCDI compliance needs?

Does your current vendor offer data enrichment and elevation capabilities beyond C-CDA to FHIR transformation?

Explore our comprehensive solution below to learn how CDA Exchange+ can help you transform your C-CDA data, meet your compliance needs, and enhance your clinical data with enrichment and elevation tools beyond C-CDA to FHIR transformation.

Introducing Smile’s CDA Exchange+ Premium Solution

CDA Exchange+ premium solution is a powerful tool designed to facilitate the seamless exchange of healthcare information by transforming diverse C-CDA data into actionable FHIR resources, so that all members of the health data value chain from HIEs (health information exchanges), to payers, and providers - can unlock value and insight from their clinical data. 

The Value of C-CDA to FHIR Transformation



Managing interoperable data exchange while maintaining regulatory compliance is an ongoing challenge for HIEs.

Solution: CDA Exchange+ facilitates efficient sharing of patient data, ensuring that all HIE members can access and interpret clinical information as FHIR resources, leading to improved care coordination and patient outcomes.


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Manual processes and delays in data retrieval affecting claims processing and member service.

Solution: CDA Exchange+ delivers clinical information as FHIR resources to efficiently review claims, reducing processing times and enhancing accuracy in assessing medical necessity and adherence to healthcare guidelines.

Health IT


Inconsistencies and gaps in patient data due to challenges managing diverse clinical data from different sources.

Solution: CDA Exchange+ consolidates comprehensive patient records from diverse streams of data using FHIR resources to support informed decision-making and deliver more coordinated and patient-centered care.

How it Works

CDA Exchange+ leverages the strengths of the Smile Health Data Platform and maintains links between the source data (C-CDA) and the transformed data (FHIR resources).

  1. Pre-process (optional)

    Optimize your C-CDA data for smooth transformation to FHIR.

  2. Transform

    Simplify transformations with our mapping engine to ensure robust and consistent conversion between C-CDA and FHIR.

  3. Post-process (optional)

    Apply business rules to FHIR resources before persisting them in the Smile CDR.

CDA Exchange+ offers:

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Bi-directional transformation between C-CDA and FHIR – ensuring easy, fast, and secure conversions for enhanced patient care and compliance with industry standards.

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Out-of-the-box support for C-CDA to FHIR transformation with pre-configured mapping rules for most C-CDA sections, allowing for seamless, code-free conversions and easy customization.

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Plug-and-play Implementation Guide for US Core 5.0.1 and USCDI v2 support. 

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Single, integrated solution with Smile Health Data Platform to unlock additional enrichment and elevation tools to get more out of your clinical data with minimal IT footprint.

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