The Coaches

They strategize, motivate, and encourage the team to leave it all on the field for our clients.


Duncan Weatherston

Top Chef

Duncan has been an IT professional and entrepreneur for over 25 years. He has a multidisciplinary background that spans business development and systems integration, development, and support.

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George Rollins

Head Wrangler

George (BG) is an accomplished healthier IT senior executive with over 35 years of experience in the commercial and federal health IT markets. With various senior management positions in significant business programs, operations and acquisitions, he brings an organizational and scalability discipline from a business and 23 years of active-duty military service.


James Agnew

Head Geek

James is the Chief Technology Officer for Smile Digital Health, with over 15 years of healthcare technology development and health informatics experience. A top industry thought leader, he played instrumental roles in The HAPI Project, HL7 (with which he’s a co-chair), eHI, Toronto’s University Health Network (UHN), GTA (Toronto) HIAL and ConnectingGTA.



Clem Headshot

Clement Ng

Global Development

Clement has over 25 years of experience helping organizations, companies and investors expand and reach global audiences. His strength for recognizing talent and identifying new investment opportunities produced at least one unicorn in venture capital. His diverse abilities enabled Smile Digital Health to become globally recognized.

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Erin Prymas

Lead Cheesemaker - Revenue

Erin has over 20 years of experience in sales leadership, go to market strategy and operations with experience in healthcare technology, cloud technology and novel healthcare delivery systems. She has built, instrumented and scaled multiple teams, working backwards from customers’ needs. Erin spends her summers outdoors and winters with a book by the fire.


Rob Reynolds

Lead Spelunker - VP Clinical Reasoning

Rob has over two decades of experience in the software field, spanning consulting, manufacturing, financial, and medical software.  He is also an experienced entrepreneur, having co-founded four start-ups.  Rob enjoys hanging with his dogs, extreme cooking, mind bending movies/tv, RPGs, and writing (not nearly enough).

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Bruno Kaiser

Dough Kneader - CFO

Bruno has 30 years of global experience in investment banking within the US, UK and Canada where he headed various capital markets and industry groups. He has extensive experience in finance and strategic advisory. When he gets spare time, he spends it woodworking, baking and outside—sleep optional.

Luis de Barros

Luis de Barros


Luis is a seasoned IT professional with more than 20 years in the healthcare sector developing clinical business solutions, providing information security leadership and enforcing privacy controls. He is driven to come up with options that are both realistic and forward-thinking. In his free time he enjoys yelling at clouds and encrypting random prime numbers.




Jennifer Chan

Code Camp Counsellor

With over 10 years of healthcare IT experience in development and tech leadership, Jennifer has extensive experience implementing innovative technology solutions to address complex healthcare problems at scale. Focusing on the intersection of technology and healthcare, she’s a “Jenn-of-all-trades” with degrees in Computer Science and Healthcare Administration.

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Bo Dagnall

Chief Product Officer

Background in medical informatics, entire career spent in health IT, California native, mountain lover, father of teenagers, life-long vegetarian, tormented Miami Dolphin's fan, slam poet, part-time piano player, avid sports enthusiast (pickleball, basketball, baseball, volleyball), family chef.... and now, a Smiler! 

Maxine pic

Maxine Cusson

Chief People Pleaser

I've spent the last  25 years supporting organizations within a variety of corporate cultures and industries and leading workforces through rapid growth and corporate-wide transformations. Renowned as a proven leader with the ability to think strategically, while having the depth and expertise to contribute efficiently at an operational level. Committed to adding value, elevating workplace culture, engaging employees, and achieving corporate business objectives.

The Team Players (Who Aren't Shy)

Smile is carefully built, maintained, supported, and promoted by these and other super smart and passionate folks. If you would like to join our dynamic team, visit our Careers Board.

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Aarti Mathur

Mage of Content Marketing

I’m an everyday alchemist who loves the experience of great mixtures and what may come of them. I geek out on MCU / Archetypes/ Herbal Medicines and I love writing and musing over coffee. The Content and Digital Marketing team gets to coordinate and create content that drives the shift to open, collaborative health IT for all and share it with the world. That's just magic!

BvO 300x300 - Brian vanOosten

Brian vanOosten

Deal Driver

BvO is passionate about taking care of customers and making sure that they get what they need to be successful. When he's not meeting customers, he enjoys laughing at his own dad-jokes, building things, reading historical fiction, singing old songs, and sampling good scotches.




Brianne Graf

Professional Yapper

I'm an Internal Communicator and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Specialist. When I'm not at work, you will likely find me doing something with my dog. We may be out of the house going for a walk or at the dog park, or we may be at home in bed binging reality tv shows. The ladder is the more likely. I love being able to connect with Smilers across the company and assist with all their communication needs. 



Carolyn Jones

Sales and Revenue Maestro: Orchestrating Success

Carolyn drives operational effectiveness through her adept process management and procedural oversight, ensuring the integrity of our sales pipeline and the quality of our data.

Connor Patterson

Connor Patterson

Revenue Operations Analyst

Originally from Stratford Ontario, I love all things Sports, E-Sports, and Animals.


Cody Edwards

Software Developer


Diederik Muylwyk

Subordinate Geek

Diederik is a software developer with [current_year - 2011] years experience in the healthcare and finance sectors. It's important to Diederik that his work be challenging, interesting, and impactful. He enjoys short-haired cats, taco-shaped pillows, and 1..*-player board games. He can type 379 CPM (76 WPM) with 100% accuracy; putting him in the 91st percentile. Diederik loves his mum.


Donna Simonovic

Marketing Master

Donna is a dedicated and innovative marketing professional with strong campaign development and execution background. Her 20 years of marketing and sales experience in a variety of B2B industries, has provided her with the ability to consistently lead and deliver effective multi-channeled marketing campaigns. In her spare time, you’ll find her travelling and enjoying fine wines.

Gary Graham

Gary Graham

Professional Keyboard Toucher

Gary is a backend engineer specializing in Java and Python. He has an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Toronto and a wicked Linux setup.


Georgia Sideris

Marketing Witch

I graduated from Marketing and Advertising Communications at Humber College, after joining Smile through the fun environment of my team I am continuously learning new skills to help further my knowledge of all things marketing! If I'm not working you can find me enjoying nature, doing yoga, and painting all the pretty things the world offers.



Hector Donolo-1-1-1

Hector Donolo

Coding Problem Solver

Herman Burgos 2017

Hernan Burgos

The Hunter

Hernan is an IT/Sales professional with over 20 years of experience in consulting, including government, law, and manufacturing. He thrives in challenging environments that require innovation and creative problem solving. Hernan's strong leadership, and analytical and problem solving skills deliver desired results for his clients. In his spare time, Hernan likes to play soccer in Toronto and cheer for his favourite team. Go Barcelona!

HRajwans Headshot

Harvinder Rajwans

Provincial Mind Reader


Kevin Dougan

Senior Software Developer


Jeremy Kerr

Experienced Experiencer - Senior Product Manager - Product Experience

Things that make me SMILE:

- Advocating for voice of customer as fiercely as driving strategic objectives

- Defining and Delivering exceptional solutions with delightful product experiences

- Realizing the next generation of clinical ecosystems

- Joining Smile Digital Health and being part of the team that will accelerate the adoption of the FHIR standard and significantly enhance the global healthcare experience for patients and all of those in their continuum of care.


Jonell Agyei-Sakyi

Business System Analyst


Joël Faustin

Top Flight Security

Jordan Hynes

Jordan Hynes

Sales Development Representative


Jason Evans

CDS Technical Informaticist

Aside from working with clinicians to create compelling and cost-saving clinical decision support, I also enjoy both board and video gaming, snowboarding, and wrangling five kids.


Lila Mikalson



Maxwell Frattolin

Intermediate Java Developer

Maxwell is a developer who has been coding applications for over 12 years.  In his off hours, Max enjoys both board games and video games and has a board game collection of over 80 games.



Murtuza Motorwala

Solutions Architect

nature lover with 13 years of hands-on IT experience, supporting a diverse set of Systems Infrastructure technologies and administration requirements.

cloud architect with 6x certifications in Azure / AWS and equivalent engineering experience in multiple OS’s, VM and storage systems: RedHat/CentOS (Linux), Windows Servers and virtualisation. (HPC, VMWare/Hyper-V). 

Database Administrator with 8+ years experience in database architecture and administration. Over the years, I have worked on different versions of MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL. An expert in Installation, Maintenance, Security, Backup & Recovery, Replication, Mirroring, Clustering, Transaction Log shipping and Always-On Availability Groups.



Mark Iantorno

Open Sorcerer

Mark has been developing software on and off for close to 15 years in various fields, including mobile gaming, finance, education, and healthcare. Passionate about open source and building things that improve people's lives, he firmly believes that software plays a central role in empowering both patients and caregivers. Outside of work, Mark is an amateur cheesemaker, woodworker, cat wrangler, and beard enthusiast.


Mary Jo Baithe

Mary-Jo Bathe

Business Analyst, Senior

Clinically Experienced and driven IT Healthcare Project Manager, Senior System, Clinical & Business Analyst Professional with expertise in prioritizing and facilitating with Site and Project Teams.



Malay Kothari

Malay Kothari


An accountant by the day, Walmart Gordon Ramsay by the night!

Natalia Burgos Headshot

Natalia Burgos

Scrum Alchemist

Natalia is a project manager with a BComm in Global Management from Ryerson University. She has experience leading software development projects in the healthcare industry, including the integration of a provincial health registry system. At Smile CDR, Natalia is responsible for planning, executing and evaluating multiple projects and driving them through their entire life cycle. Natalia thrives in a team environment and is enthusiastic about creating a positive workplace culture. Passionate about women empowerment, Natalia is the former President of Ryerson’s largest women empowerment network: Ryerson Women in Leadership (RWIL). In her spare time, Natalia trains the art of Ninjutsu and laughs a lot.


Niks Hariman

Technical Implementations, Associate

Scientist turned computer nerd with a love for fiber arts and tiny animals.


Nishant Prateek

Discreet Envisioner (Senior Project Manager)

Nishant is a PMP certified Project Manager with 12+ years of experience in IT Healthcare domain. He has a Computer Science Engineering background and also has bagged EHR/HIS & HL7v2 certification(s), he praises the value of how important technology is in our world.
As an experienced SPM, Nishant has the knowledge and capability to plan, implement and monitor projects from start to finish. He values efficient communication, organization, and creativity as he believes these are integral components of a successful project management role in driving the projects to success.
Nishant enjoys playing PC games, watching documentaries, podcasts, and reading about anything in his spare time.
Pro-Tip: Implement Iron Triangle in projects! Foster dogs in need of family!


Pratik Kumbhar

Talent Acquisition manager


Reza Abolhassani


With over 15 years of experience, Reza is an eHealth professional by academic training focused on the design and implementation of data migration and software interoperability solutions in the context of US Medicare and Medicaid Services and Canada's healthcare system and services. At Smile Digital Health, Reza works as Digital Health Standards Developer with HL7-published standards and specifications for digital health information exchange, electronic health quality measures, and clinical decision support such as HL7 FHIR, HL7 V2.x, HL7 CDA, HL7 CQL, and HL7 CDS Hooks, etc. Along with providing standards support, Reza utilizes Smile CDR data fabric and integration platform as required for data (in/out) to provide standard data in digital health solutions and advance interoperability.

Shuchita Verma

Shuchita Verma

Business Analyst

Shuchita is an accomplished healthcare professional having 5+ years of experience working in Healthcare industry. Dentist by profession and ventured into vast and dynamic field of Healthcare IT. Worked as Health Information Specialist for life, disability and critical care insurance companies.




Steve Corbett

Senior Software Developer

An experienced software developer from Alberta who enjoys motorcycle rides through the Rocky Mountains.

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Tracy Ash

Talent Solutions Architect



Tracy Kong

Tracy Kong

Total Rewards Program Manager

Tracy is an experienced Human Resources professional with expertise in Compensation and Benefits. With over 10 years of experience in multiple industries, Tracy brings her results driven knowledge to Smile, on all things Total Rewards. She is a strong advocate of Women in the Workplace. In her spare time she enjoys planning and going on vacations with her family, trying new foods, and listening to money/economy podcasts.



Vanessa Vakili


Vanessa “The Vortex” Vakili didn't choose the Agile life; the Agile life chose her. With a degree in Quantum Product Mechanics, she's a visionary, a tastemaker, and pivots as seamlessly on the dance floor as she does when driving Lean innovation. With her infectious enthusiasm for evidence-based decisions, she's shaping the future one release at a time. So, buckle up—Vanessa is here to disrupt, innovate, and maybe teach you some new dance moves along the way. 


Victoria Valladolid

Marketing Rockstar

Victoria is a strategic B2B Marketing guru with extensive experience in Marketing. As a communications and brand guardian, Victoria ensures consistent messaging and brand integrity across all company marketing initiatives and communications.



Don't Forget Our Furry Friends

Our furry friends make our lives better. When they aren't able to visit the office, we're HAPI to see glimpses of them in our video meetings.



I love CHAOS.



My name is Coby. It came from my family’s favorite basketball player, Kobe Bryant.

As you can see from my photo, I have silky, soft fur and long ears. I’m approximately 5 years old and love eating carrots and apples.

The most important thing to know about me is I am so jealous and don’t like my parents to adore any other dog in front of my eyes.



...possible truffle pig.



Hazel and Diederik have an understanding.





Maverick is a cross between a Ragdoll and Mainecoon, weighing upwards of 25 lbs. He was found amongst hay bales in my horse barn, but quickly became a domesticated cat. Maverick is super cuddly and would prefer to be carried at all times. When he's not sleeping, Maverick is eating or trying to convince someone to feed him.



Neddie is a grey Newfoundland dog (not bred that way, just genetics) who was named after Neddie's Harbour in Newfoundland. She is our 140lb "lap dog" who LOVES to snuggle. Her favourite activities include swimming, hiking the local trails, playing with other dogs, and playing in "her backyard."



Give me a snack-o or you'll get the whack-o.



Professional vacuum cleaner.



Cat is my little furry co-pilot. He enjoys sitting on my lap during team meetings.

IMG_3159 (1)

Toby and Twix

Twix is a 9-year-old Boxer/Doberman who spends his days napping. He is the sweetest soul you will ever meet and loves to be snuggled ( at 120 lbs, it is a bit tough)! His bother Toby is a 1-year-old Havanese and loves to spend his day harassing Twix, who is trying to nap :)

Bella with Bear (1)


I am a short haired Dachshund, I am shy at first so don't let my big bark fool you. I enjoy my walks but not in winter its too cold, I enjoy lots of treats (even tho I am small in stature - my moma nicknamed me Hoover - how rude :)), cuddling with my moma is the best cause I am her BFF! 



Frankie was born on a beautiful day on January 28th 2020 in the small town of Elmira, Ontario. You will always find Frankie by her mom's side. If you've ever met Brianne, you'll know she has a fur daughter named Frankie because she will 100 percent bring it up in the first conversation you have with her.