Discover our trusted B2B marketplace for FHIR-based healthcare solutions. Smile Marketplace offers an extensive catalog of solutions that integrate into our FHIR Clinical Data Repository (CDR) to reduce risk and create value through information and technology acceleration.

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Data Solutions for the Future.

Collaborate with other payers, providers and developers.

Smile Marketplace is where healthcare experts collaborate to create, test and implement innovative solutions that create better outcomes for every one in the health system. Through Smile's extensive community of collaborators, we drive investment and help realize the vision for the Internet of Health.

Innovation Without the Risk.

Streamlining innovation and reduce barriers.

Innovation can be rife with risks. With new technology being developed all the time, organizations are faced with the stress of too many options and matching those with business needs. Marketplace streamlines this experience—helping healthcare enterprise organizations buy and implement FHIR-enabled products and services while reducing risk and complexity.


Driving Interoperability.

The health technology experts.

Smile Digital Health breaks down data silos—enabling your healthcare enterprise to not only meet compliance requirements for FHIR implementation, but improve interoperability and scale your business. Reduce costs and project timelines by extending the functionality of your Smile CDR implementation with capabilities delivered by our many verified partner solutions. Smile Marketplace aims to help customers get greater value from their Smile Digital Health investment by supporting new use cases resulting in new outcomes and enhanced capabilities.

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