As barriers to data come down, health care providers, researchers and patients reap the rewards. Because in the end, better collaboration means better care and better outcomes. That’s the promise of open-source, standardized data: a future where research teams can share insights and patients have real-time access to their records every step of the way.


Innovation made simple.

Make the switch to FHIR at your own pace, starting with a scope that fits your needs and the needs of your stakeholders. Whether a targeted solution or foundational implementation, Smile can help you find where FHIR will make the biggest impact, then scale accordingly. Progress doesn’t have to be painful.

Forge real-time links across your ecosystem.

Give the people who depend on the latest insights access in an instant, regardless of where the data comes from. Aggregate and normalize each source as it's shared, so that no one is out of the loop or has to rely on incomplete or outdated information. Smile believes that data needs to move freely to keep up with the speed of modern health care.

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Open source. Open minded.

Smile CDR is built on HAPI FHIR’s open-source platform standards, giving you full access to your network’s data without locking you in to any one vendor. Because with such a complex network of databases, you can’t afford to favour one at the expense of another. So you can layer, adjust, extend and consolidate on a dime. 

Countless records, one central hub.

Ignite collaboration by integrating databases into a single central repository. Maintain multiple models in a one place, putting the insights that matter at your fingertips. We’re all about bringing people — and data — together.


Share seamlessly, accurately and securely.

Smile helps ensure your stakeholders have the data they need at their fingertips. Of course, interoperability doesn’t mean an open door. You’ll be able to monitor, authorize and audit with greater ease than ever. 

Build once. Use everywhere.

Even the smallest implementation can grow into something incredible. Our approach ensures the work can scale up, down, left or right to suit the landscape and your needs. Smile solutions are built to be interoperable at every level to embrace the reality today and the possibility tomorrow.