VA TRM Approved: Smile Health Data Fabric

January 2024

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has approved the Smile Health Data Fabric (HDF) within its Technical Reference Model (TRM) evaluation process for FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) solutions.

The Department of Veterans Affairs Technical Reference Model (VA TRM) serves as a framework for managing the technology landscape within the VA. Its primary purpose is to guide the selection, development, and integration of information technology (IT) systems and solutions to support the VA's mission and objectives. The TRM provides a standardized approach to managing technology, promoting interoperability, reducing redundancy, and ensuring that IT investments align with the VA's strategic goals.

The Smile HDF is a FHIR-based health data repository and next gen interoperability solution from, the award-winning product company, Smile Digital Health (Smile). Smile is also the maintainer of HAPI FHIR—the world’s prevailing open source reference implementation of FHIR. As an enterprise-level, cloud-agnostic, HL7® (Health Level 7) open standards based solution to data transformation, the HDF ingests, transforms, stores, enriches, analyzes, aggregates, and meaningfully and securely shares health information within an organization and across the ecosystem. This allows the VA to benefit from multiple tiers of interoperability solutions for their complex, large-scale and nuanced needs.

As the VA embraces FHIR open standards for technology procurement in order to harmonize Veteran care access across the ecosystem, the Smile HDF is perfectly positioned to accelerate the VA’s data modernization efforts,  uplift quality, and drive business agility. 

For more information, download our Solving Veterans’ PACT Act Constraints with the Open-Standard, Cloud-Agnostic, Event-Driven FHIR® Health Data Fabric Whitepaper