Smile Managed Services is an end-to-end service package, encompassing FHIR®1-based implementation, maintenance, security, and support of your Health Data Fabric solutions—so that you can focus on your business critical functions.

With Smile Managed Services, you can save up to 68% of your operational costs.

Let The FHIR Experts Host for You

Smile Managed Services delivers end-to-end implementation management for your organization on the road to digital transformation. With decades of expertise in FHIR and managing cloud-based services, we have one of the highest openly published performance metrics on the market. Our rigorous industry-certified privacy and security processes allow us to fully host and manage your Health Data Fabric solution, giving you peace of mind. 

On top of that, your go-live is faster, integration with your existing systems is seamless and your organization has a single touchpoint for all management and hosting requests, giving you an efficient experience. Smile Managed Services delivers you the people, performance, protection and partnership you need to focus on your business, not on IT maintenance.

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Breaking Down Business Barriers

Are your technical resources available to manage and maintain evolving IT requirements?

For organizations with robust IT teams, competing and siloed priorities can prevent a complete strategic effort towards digital transformation. Even the simplest tasks have the potential to become complicated with coordination and burdened with duplication. 

Smile Managed Services increases your efficiency now and down the line, with all requests coming to an expert team. All management is taken care of for you, accessible in one place, with one budget, with the assurance that tasks will be executed efficiently and effectively.

Does your organization have in-house FHIR and data transformation expertise? 

Approaching a digital transformation is a huge lift.  Finding new team members with a proven track record of managing a FHIR implementation and cloud information technology (IT) management takes a lot of time and resources to recruit, onboard and train. You could also incur unplanned variable service costs if you don’t hire the people with the right expertise. 

Smile Managed Services lifts your technical burden, providing you with the experts, security, and overall peace of mind your organization needs.

Interested in learning more about what specific benefits your organization can expect with the above features?

Ask our Sales team about the Smile FHIR Health Data Fabric and additional premium solutions for a full picture of all the interoperable possibilities for your digital transformation.


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