A study by the American Medical Association survey of 1,000 physicians found:

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  • Practices spend an average of 16 hours each week completing PAs

  • Two in five physicians have a dedicated staff who handles PAs

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  • 93% of providers report care delays

  • 34% of providers report that PA has led to a serious adverse event for a patient in their care

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Key Challenges  

  • Confusion as physicians often do not know if a service requires PA

  • Time spent calling the payer to inquire if a service requires PA

  • Resources spent calling to request a PA, faxing supporting documentation and calling back for a status of their request

  • Decision wait time can be long resulting in delay in patient care

  • Determinations are not clear

A study initiated by AHIP, the nation’s leading healthcare advocacy organization found that physician practices experience marked reduction in the administrative burden from electronic PA.

71% of physicians

Key Opportunities 

Practices can reduce the administrative burden by 69% or more through FHIR-based electronic PAs that decreases submission time between 12-17 minutes per request.

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  • Convenience of submitting PA requests at the point-of-care

  • Automation of patient eligibility and coverage determinations using FHIR-based CDS Hooks and CRD

  • Clear understanding of PA requirements and determinations

  • A fast turnaround from enabling complete patient, provider and clinical data points

  • Real-time status tracking of case history and decisions

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*Based on a CAQH study.