Trisotech Leverages Smile Digital Health to Drive Sharable Clinical Pathways

Smile Digital Health is excited to be working with Trisotech, a global leader in digital enterprise software. Its easy to use modelling and automation solution is based on the BPM+ Health standards (BPMN, CMMN and DMN) and other open standards for health IT.

Trisotech’s intuitive modeling environment allows technical staff to encapsulate programmatic logic and lets clinicians and other subject matter experts assemble the clinical logic to innovate, transform and improve the organization. This paradigm shift puts the clinicians at the center of the solution to increase precision and compliance with best practices, resulting in better implementations and quality of care.

Trisotech’s groundbreaking solutions enable the capture of clinical guidelines, which are essentially best practice documents, into visual diagrams that are consumable by humans and computers alike. The resulting standards-based workflows and decisions can then be consumed by other systems such as Electronic Health Records (EHRs) or Clinical Decision Support (CDS) applications, which make recommendations to providers in order to deliver consistent and more effective health care in an automated fashion. 

Using Smile as the data source of these sharable clinical pathways through FHIR means they can be widely shared across all systems. Via a CDS Hooks API specification, the workflows can trigger CDS calls that are returning information and suggestions to the care provider.

Both Smile and Trisotech believe in the power of open standards to transform health IT and ultimately lead to #BetterGlobalHeath.

Smile is a founding member of FHIRBall, the FHIR Business Alliance, a group of companies who are early adopters of FHIR and who subscribe to the core FHIR values around the use of standards to promote data unlocking and reduce the risks of vendor lock-in for the industry.

Likewise, Trisotech is a founding member of the BPM+ Health Initiative, which aims to leverage open, standards-based notions to allow better documentation, and sharing, of care pathways and workflows across organizations. 

Want to learn more about how Trisotech and Smile can help your organization? Get in touch and we can set up a demo or call!

You can also find out more about Trisotech’s solutions at their BPM+ virtual event and take in the sessions originally planned for HIMSS20 online and on demand!