Smile Digital Health Joins Perspecta’s HealthConcourse!

Author:  Clement Ng

Smile Digital Health is excited to announce that we’ve joined Perspecta’s visionary HealthConcourse platform. 

Perspecta is a cutting-edge digital transformation and enterprise solutions provider that services the U.S. healthcare, civilian, defence, intelligence, state and local government markets. In healthcare, Perspecta brings years of experience serving government health organizations such as the Department of Health and Human Service, the Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and others. 

HealthConcourse is Perspecta’s new digital health platform that leverages FHIR and Smile to connect and ensure data sharing between systems of record (EHRs, data warehouses, etc.) and systems of engagement (SMART on FHIR apps, patient portals, dashboards, etc.). 

Most health organizations’ data stores include a mix of new and legacy solutions, some developed in-house and some procured from outside vendors. When the data within these systems lack a canonical data model that conforms to industry standards, their ability to provide consistent data to user-facing systems of engagement, and their ability to interface with outside systems, is severely limited. 

HealthConcourse addresses this by combining a modular architecture with FHIR, as both the canonical data model and API, to achieve data standardization, interoperability and automation for extracting insights. HealthConcourse aggregates data that may be scattered across different data stores in proprietary data models to present a standardized data layer to user-facing systems. The result is reduced vendor lock-in and improved data utility and accessibility, all in pursuit of better care at lower costs. 

For a deeper dive, head over to Perspecta and check out their whitepaper on HealthConcourse.

Get in touch to learn more about how Perspecta’s HealthConcourse and Smile are helping government clients deliver better, more data-driven healthcare.