Smile Digital Health Extends Continuum Health’s Powerful BI Solution for Healthcare with FHIR

Author:  Clement Ng

The use of business intelligence (BI) tools is increasing across virtually all sectors of the economy. That’s no surprise given modern BI’s potential to enable the sharing and visualization of data-driven insights directly to end-users. 

Unfortunately, healthcare has lagged behind other industries in the adoption of analytics tools, including BI. The sheer size and complexity of health data sets, onerous regulatory requirements and lack of data standardization have all presented significant barriers to the adoption of BI at scale in healthcare. 

That’s why Smile Digital Health is excited to partner with Continuum Health, whose innovative dashboarding and reporting platform Intellium is designed specifically for advanced analytics in healthcare and includes unlimited use of Microsoft Power BI, the industry standard for business intelligence. Intellium brings clinicians, nurses, department heads together with illuminating data insights to help drive evidence-based decision making. Like Smile, Intellium was built by health IT experts with the specific needs of healthcare in mind. 

While Intellium provides non-technical users rich data insights in real time that give an end-to-end view of the care continuum, Smile provides a secure, scalable and interoperable platform that serves up the underlying data based on the innovative HL7 FHIR open-source data standard.  

By combining industry-leading BI with rich and open standards-based data, an Intellium-Smile CDR combination provides a user-friendly interface for analytics, reporting and data visualization with unprecedented data availability. 

With unified, standardized data displayed on intuitive dashboards with rich visualizations across an organization, decision makers will have the tools to reduce costs and inefficiencies while optimizing patient outcomes.

Drop us a line to learn more about how an Intellium-Smile CDR combination can help you harness the power of open-source healthcare data and BI.