Introducing FHIRBall: The FHIR Business Alliance

Smile Digital Health is proud to introduce FHIRBall, the FHIR Business Alliance. 

FHIRBall is a global strategic partnership of four industry-leading companies that build interoperable solutions based on FHIR: 1upHealth, AEGIS, Firely, and Smile. 

We are a group of companies who have been involved in FHIR since the outset. This means that open data and open standards are at the heart of what we do. 

FHIR is already driving change in healthcare by enabling true interoperability through standard, safe and efficient APIs. FHIRBall members are all early adopters of FHIR and together we strive to expand the FHIR market, raise awareness of FHIR and propel the healthcare industry forward through the community-based approach of HL7 and the FHIR Foundation.

FHIRBall members believe that every patient and provider deserves the best that technology has to offer. We’re committed to the idea that healthcare data should belong to care providers and the patients, and to the use of open standards and open APIs to enable access to that data. 

1upHealth, AEGIS, Firely, and Smile will work together to jointly market interoperable FHIR solutions with the goal of demonstrating that an approach based on community, openness and collaboration is the way forward. 

Finally, the alliance plans to be an active contributor to the FHIR community and FHIR standard legislation, along with providing developers the tools needed to access the companies’ products. 

For more information, check out, or if you will be at HIMSS find us at Booth #8200-69.