Your Data Transformation Roadmap

Mapping the Smile Health Data Fabric Journey

For decades, there have been many proposed data interoperability ‘silver bullets’ intended to solve healthcare’s entrenched tech problems. These solutions have not delivered on their promises, leaving healthcare systems burdened with inaccurate, siloed data, lower efficiency and higher costs.

The increased adoption of FHIR®—the leading open data exchange and interoperability standard—has enabled organizations to connect their internal and external systems more than ever before. Smile Digital Health is an award-winning company with a Health Data Fabric (HDF) interoperability platform that provides high-performing and scalable enterprise-level data exchange capabilities. As a first step, the HDF ingests, harmonizes, and integrates clinical data into a single source of truth, which can then be securely shared. Our infographic below maps the rest of the data transformation journey, what value and benefits your business can unlock along on the way. 

smile roadmap infographic


As the digital healthcare landscape evolves, your organization requires all the benefits of standardization along with better oversight, controls, adaptability and innovative possibilities to thrive. 

Smile Digital Health is the maintainer of HAPI FHIR. As a user of HAPI FHIR, if you are looking to accelerate your time-to-market with a high-performing, scalable and flexible FHIR-data platform, learn how Smile’s enterprise-level solution unlocks value for you. If you’re happy with HAPI, we are too, but if you’re planning for growth, contact us today.

Already a client of Smile looking to unlock more value?

If you already use modules and features of the HDF to store and transform data, contact us today to learn how you can further enhance your internal efficiencies, build up your security framework and identify care and operational gaps in your workflows. 

With Smile Health Data Fabric, see the ‘Art of What is Possible’.

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