Newly launched! CDA Exchange+ Unifies Patient Data for Better Accessibility and Sharing

Smile offers enhanced interoperability with their new solution that converts clinical documents to the widely used FHIR standard.

TORONTO, CANADA -- May 28, 2024 – Smile Digital Health (Smile), a leading Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) health data platform and exchange solutions provider, announced the launch of CDA Exchange+ with their quarterly release on May 23, 2024.

Created for healthcare organizations aiming to upgrade their data interoperability capabilities, CDA Exchange+ is designed to handle the transformation of CDA documents (Clinical Document Architecture) from their existing state to the modern FHIR format—the current standard in healthcare data interoperability. 

Based on customer feedback, Smile saw the need to create a robust native CDA ingestion solution with the ability to transform varying CDA document types. CDA Exchange+ is a premium module made to unlock actionable clinical insights, focusing on maximizing the efficiency and reliability of the CDA to FHIR conversion process. The product includes a plug-and-play implementation guide layer for customers to easily select what implementation guide to use for their C-CDA (Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture) to FHIR transformation.

“At Smile, we see the opportunity for data to transform the healthcare industry. To get there, providers, payers and HIEs (Health Information Exchanges) need to be able to leverage their data in new ways. That’s where Smile really delivers value. By providing solutions that unify, enrich and elevate data, as well as ensure standards compliance, we help move the industry forward, toward better global health overall,” said Duncan Weatherston, Chief Executive Officer, Smile Digital Health. “CDA Exchange+ is part of that first data step, unifying. It allows for the data accessibility and sharing that care teams need to actively achieve their respective goals—to provide the best possible care across the full patient journey.”

In addition to enhanced interoperability and better patient care, customers can expect improved data management, through the efficient organization and accuracy of healthcare data and a
reduction in costs associated with maintaining multiple data formats. Plus, unlike other products CDA Exchange+ unlocks Social Determinants of Health data elements via US Core 5.0.1 and USCDIv2, which actively enables population care management. 

“When developing new products, we listen to our customers and their challenges. CDA Exchange+ is our offering for customers who want to unlock the value of clinical data by ensuring that data is complete and accurate, and in the easiest format to perform analysis and computations on,” said Sam Huiskamp, Senior Product Manager, Data Processing and Optimization, Smile Digital Health. “With CDA Exchange+, customers can transform their diverse C-CDA documents into actionable FHIR resources. Once transformed, customers can enrich and elevate their data with our Master Data Management and Clinical Quality Improvement premium solutions.” 

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