The Digital Transformation

Is Your Organization Ready to Pivot to Value-Based Care?

Dr. Shane McNamee along with an AMIA panel consisting of Dr. Rebecca Jacobson, President at Astrata Inc. and Dr. Brad Ryan, Chief Product Officer at the National Committee for Quality Assurance, talk about the current digital transformation in healthcare and what it will take to pivot to a value-based care model. 

The discord starts with a quick refresher of the content we saw in the AMIA webinar “Healing the Healthcare Industry Ills with Open Standard Event-Driven Data Fabric,” with a predominant focus on four questions Dr. McNamee poses for analysis by the panel:

  1. What is digital quality measurement?
  2. What is the value of digital quality measurement in comparison to legacy quality measurement?
  3. How should payer and provider organizations prepare for digital quality measurement?
  4. How does natural language processing fit into digital quality measurement?

The discussion concludes with a look at open standards and how they can drive digital transformation in healthcare.