Healing an Industry

Open Standard Event-Driven Data Fabrics for Interoperability

As we work towards #BetterGlobalHealth we have one goal at the forefront—to utilize learning health systems in everyday practice that generate knowledge from near-real time data streams. This allows providers to offer better patient care by being able to function with agility and speed in their daily tasks. here are two major barriers in the current system that make achieving this goal difficult:

  • A lack of data knowledge and processing interoperability due to the need for consistent standards.
  • Legacy business interests.

In this AMIA webinar, Dr. Shane McNamee and Adam Cole discuss current shortcomings in the healthcare industry including process driven workflow inefficiencies/errors and timing of adopting best practices. They then present the solutions—open standard event-driven data fabrics.

Clinicians, payers, providers and patients can all reap the benefits of a healthcare system with optimal flow. Open data standards used in conjunction with data fabric allow for information to be displayed from many to many instead of one to one. The result is unlocking more value from data while also decreasing process inefficiencies to shift the art of the possible.