Detecting and Mitigating Human Trafficking in Emergency Services

Intelligent, Reactive Pop Health Safety Nets for Vulnerable Patients & Their Social Determinants of Health.

Dr. Shane McNamee and Dr. Cait O’Donell lead a panel made up of Katherine Ariano from the Duke University Health System, Ben Cushing from Federal Health Red Hat and Ken Rubin from the US department of veterans affairs. The group dives into an important topic in healthcare— detecting, preventing and mitigating human trafficking in emergency rooms.

The conversation begins with a look at the stats on human trafficking and how prevelant this issue is the US and the rest of the world. From there, the presentation focuses on the art of the possible: intelligent automation with open standards, delivering human trafficking solutions to healthcare and an interop vignette prototype demonstration video that was originally shown during HIMSS 22.

The panel then takes the opportunity to answer the following questions with a goal to dig deeper into human trafficking and healthcare:

  1. What is human trafficking and why is it so difficult to detect in healthcare?
  2. How can the solution be implemented at hospitals now?
  3. What is the importance of agile information technology infrastructures in driving safe healthcare?

Lastly, information is provided for those looking to get involved in the detecting human trafficking initiative and the BPM+ Health Community.