Smile Digital Health is a complete and collaborative enterprise-level FHIR-based Health Data Fabric (HDF) and integration platform.

Our product suite is ONC-compliant, composable, secure and scalable. Our FHIR expertise, track-record with large-scale implementations and customized support services offer your organization the essential package for sustainable interoperable data transformation.

Did you sign-up for a complimentary 90-day Smile Health Data Fabric evaluation license? If so, you will receive an email shortly from our implementation partner—BDR Solutions—with your access details, necessary forms and how to get started.

While our team works hard to set up this incredible license trial opportunity for you, here is some curated reading material on Smile and FHIR implementations:

  1. Solving our Veterans’ PACT Act Constraints with the Open-Standard, Cloud-Agnostic, Event-Driven FHIR® Health Data Fabric Whitepaper

  2. Urgent Need for HL7® FHIR® Adoption

  3. DIY FHIR Implementation Versus Smile’s Enterprise Solution