Accelerating Veterans’ Access Claim Benefits and Just-in-Time Healthcare Anywhere and at Any Time

The VA’s Interoperability Pledge is drastically changing the landscape for the Veterans’ PACT Act and other service-related claims. While this is wonderful news for Veterans and their families, this initiative presents added challenges to a claims review system that is currently:

  • Teetering on the edge of breakdown from complex and mostly manual processes

  • Undergoing the largest ever increase in new claims filed

  • Creating a new interoperability ecosystem for Veteran care across the US healthcare ecosystem 

Accelerating Veterans’ access to healthcare and benefit claims anywhere and at any time is not a problem limited by technology. The technology already exists in the form of open-standard, interoperable, cloud-agnostic, event driven technology architectures. This is a systems-level problem where patient data—healthcare’s lifeblood in the digital age—is siloed within the boundaries of vendors’ solutions due to their use of proprietary data models. 

Download this whitepaper today to discover how our open-interoperability solution fits your organization. You will learn:

  • The full extent of challenges and system inefficiencies present in fulfilling the the PACT Act and VA’s Interoperability Pledge within the current system

  • How to take an open-standards first approach that propels high reliability, interoperable networks and future proofs the VA’s investment

  • The benefits of Smile’s enterprise-level, FHIR-first, event-driven Health Data Fabric architecture and how it supports high-priority use cases—like toxic exposures for Veterans

  • Next steps to  initiate data transformation in your organization 

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