HAPI FHIR and Smile CDR Vishwa Release Webinar

Thank you for joining us to learn about Smile CDR 2022.11.R01 and HAPI FHIR 6.2.0 Here is a quick overview of some of the great things coming your way with this release.

If you couldn't join us, or just want to watch the webinar again, you're in luck. You can watch it below.

Release Highlights:

Smile CDR

  • The $submit-attachment operation of the Da Vinci CDex Implementation Guide has been implemented to support a solicited attachments workflow between Payers and Providers
  • Additional USCDI sections can now be imported via CDA Import and all data captured in FHIR will now adhere to the US Core Implementation Guide
  • MongoDB now supports sharding and performance tracing similar to the RDBMS module
  • Querying on MongoDB has been improved to support MDM expansion, sorting by date, and queries with multiple OR reference parameters
  • Bulk Export can now be performed at the instance level for a single patient
  • Several new configuration properties have been added to allow for greater customization of FHIR endpoints, OpenAPI, and Swagger generation
  • FHIR REST responses can now be configured to automatically have their associated Transaction GUID injected into resource bodies for traceability purposes. Transaction and Audit Logs will now also store the Request ID and Transaction GUID for all FHIR requests


  • All asynchronous batch processing has been fully migrated to the Batch2 framework
  • The extended Lucene / Elasticsearch Indexing feature now supports the :text modifier on string search parameters
  • Processing of _include and _revinclude parameters have been streamlined to improve performance

  • Various improvements in capabilities, workflows, and usability to help comply with ONC (g)(10) regulations
  • Updated the app request capability to improve administrative workflows
  • Enabled granular app controls to adjust the token validity duration
  • Adding support for registering and testing clients that use the Bulk Data
  • Access IG to access multiple patients for population analytics

Payer-to-Payer Data Exchange Solution

  • Smile’s Payer-to-Payer solution supports AWS Cognito and support for data transfers for multiple health plans at the same time
  • Upcoming enhancements are support for Bulk Data API transfers, prior authorization and WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)

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We look forward to having you join us at Smile CDR’s next release on February 16, 2023 as we work towards our shared vision for better global health.