HAPI FHIR and Smile CDR Wizard Post Release Webinar

February 16, 2023

Thank you for joining us to learn about Smile CDR 2023.02.R01 and HAPI FHIR 6.4.0 (Codename: Wizard) release. If you couldn't join us, or just want to watch the webinar again, you're in luck! You can watch it below. An overview of the features of this release are also listed below.


Smile CDR

  • Web Admin Console has a new look and many improvements
  • New Feature: Megascale allows us to configure JPA so that each partition is a separate physical database connection, with its own URL and credentials
  • MDM Multi-threading: Adding Logic (Definable Rules) to Separate Records for Parallel Processing
  • $everything on MongoDB now fully supported
  • Realtime Export now supports a number of data types, including CLOB, DATE_ONLY and DATE_TIMESTAMP
  • Added "generate-rte-schema" cli command to generate configuration and database schema for Smile CDR Realtime Export based on an Implementation Guide.
  • Ability to remove PHI/PII information from Transaction Logs
  • Added support for FHIR UPDATE, CREATE & DELETE operations to the FHIR Gateway
  • The HL7 v2.x Listening Endpoint module now uses FHIR ConceptMap resources in place of hard-coded lookup tables
  • Added DQM module with clinical reasoning features & capabilities into Smile CDR
  • When parsing a CDA file, if there are multiple references to a single service delivery location now stored in a single Location resource in the output Bundle


  • Extend $member-match operation to store Consent resource if matched
  • Before DB table joins were LEFT OUTER by default, which was causing some queries to skip table indexes, making them very slow. This was more noticeable in H2 database, but affected all DB types in different measures. This has been fixed by using INNER joins, unless specific use case requires otherwise
  • The internal LinkedChannelQueue implementation used for Batch2 processing and Subscription delivery now uses automated retries if a message processing failure occurs in order to improve resiliency
  • The ca.uhn.fhir.rest.client.interceptor.LoggingInterceptor now logs request/response bodies at the DEBUG level. This is changed from INFO level
  • A new experimental API has been added for automated generation of International Patient Summary (IPS) documents in the JPA server
  • Several issues with the OpenAPI generator have been fixed


  • Enhanced features in the admin console that enable admins to better screen and audit apps that use the bulk FHIR operations
  • Automated follow-up emails to prompt developers to re-attest to new terms whenever an admin updates the developer attestation
  • Practitioner app launches (using EHR launch sequence) now possible from the gallery
  • Partition URLs are now displayed in the developer portal and admin console when partitions used in Smile
  • A re-attestation warning will now be sent to developers after updating their profile
  • Bug fixes

Payer-to-Payer Data Exchange Solution

  • Added the ability to create/manage payer connections within the P2P Admin Portal (previously available through the Web Admin Console) to improve the experience of Payer Admins
  • Upcoming enhancements include support for Bulk Data API transfers and adherence to WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)

Payer Member Portal 

  • Enhancements to My Directory: Users can filter providers by 'Gender', 'Specialties' and 'Languages' on the 'My Directory' page. Print functionality added to My Directory page Which allows users  to print providers lists which were previously saved in My Directory

For more information about the Smile Modules, features and enhancements, check out our world-class docs site.

We look forward to having you join us at Smile’s next release in May as we work towards our shared vision for #BetterGlobalHealth