BDR Solutions and Smile Digital Health Partner for Federal Health Data Platform Operations

Author: Smile Digital Health & BDR Solutions

Proven operational efficiencies via superior product management and an innovative health data fabric platform offer opportunities for improvements in public sector health. 

Silver Spring, MD and Toronto, ON -- February 28, 2023 – BDR Solutions LLC, a service-disabledBDR (1)-1 veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) in data quality for the US public sector and Smile Digital Health, a leading health data and integration platform, today announced their new partnership. This collaboration will allow for improvements in health and wellness by streamlining and modernizing the deployment of interoperable data fabrics to agencies and public sector customers in the United States.

BDR and Smile’s partnership streamlines inefficiencies traditionally caused by the integration of incompatible healthcare data management systems such as EHRs with non-standardized processes and data flows. The BDR and Smile solution is aligned with federal requirements for standards based FHIR® technology and introduces next-generation healthcare record compatibility with a competitive aftermarket ecosystem into a market notorious for incompatible data silos. While lossy, quirky data have become an expectation of medical information executives, BDR and Smile have recognized that as app and device data volume continue to expand, compatibility of US information systems is a critical challenge that can no longer be postponed.

“Technologists tend to oversimplify the root problems of healthcare interoperability as technical gaps, while executives often overemphasize policy and operational issues. Interoperability in practice is an inseparable combination of both. This is why partnerships like BDR’s public sector services and Smile Digital Health’s product catalog are sorely needed. Both operational expertise and the right products are required to see true innovation in healthcare,” said Dr. Preston Lee, BDR Vice President of Data and Innovation.

BDR improves American lives through the digital transformation of government systems and data. Through partnerships with Government customers in civilian, defense, health, and intelligence communities, BDR has become a go-to resource for technology and business process adaptation. BDR provides product management and development, systems optimization and operations, and Agile management driven by relentless commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, and time to value.

“Combining BDR’s operational experience and capabilities with Smile’s data fabric platform is forged from lessons learned and observations as part of federal modernization and interoperability programs. We’ve built the go-to-market partnership between BDR and Smile Digital Health on a baseline of trust, specifically organized to service nuanced US federal customers by combining a SDVOSB as the lead integrator with a dedicated product and team,” said George Rollins, President of Smile Digital Health. “The US Federal sector has demonstrated a great need for a secure, scalable, and reliable open standards health data fabric platform that eliminates costly and inflexible vendor and technology lock. Our partnership with BDR and Smile’s cloud agnostic FHIR platform serves as an antidote to this long-term risk.”

Smile's HDF platform uses industry leading HDF architecture and ONC compliant, event driven FHIR APIs to allow healthcare providers, payers and IT vendors to build secure, composable and scalable data infrastructures. Smile offers a suite of health data, clinical reasoning and marketplace utilities that can support ecosystem-wide data innovation and digital modernization efforts to accelerate healthcare innovation, improve quality of patient care journeys, boost operational efficiencies and reduce costs using intelligent automation implementation strategies.

About BDR Solutions

Following 24 years of Navy service, Bob Rowe founded BDR Solutions in 2016 to improve healthcare outcomes, administrative efficiency, and patient experience for veterans, focusing on IT Transformation & Modernization, Data and Business Analytics, Agile Product Development, and System Operations. BDR offers prime access to a wide variety of contract vehicles, blanket purchase agreements, schedules, and is eligible to receive 8(a), SDVOSB, and HUBZone direct and sole source awards per the FAR. For more information, visit here.

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