Payers with volumes of administrative, clinical and operational data and growing data sources have to make strategic decisions to adapt to the changing legislative environment and increasingly volatile socio-economic landscape. The insights, inputs and recommendations provided in this comprehensive report are crucial for payers who want to stay competitive and make informed business and technology decisions. 

Smile Digital Health (Smile), an award-winning open-standards, health IT company, has been named a Sample Vendor in the section FHIR® APIs. Smile’s expertise can help your organization implement a data transformation strategy today to get you one step closer to your business goals.


Read the report today to learn about FHIR APIs and their business impacts:

  • “Provide a common global standard for data exchange across HCLS industry sectors and other ecosystem participants that begins to meet the industry’s interoperability goals.”

  • “Accelerate solution development and implementation through widely adopted web

    standards such REST, XML, JSON, HTTP and OAuth.”

  • “Establish standards-based information usage (such as clinical practice

    implementation guidelines) that improves collaboration and workflow integration

    between parties and regions.”

  • “Decrease time to value for data-sharing initiatives.”

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