Smile Digital Health Presents at MedTech 2020

Hospitals, clinicians, and the general public need to interact with electronic health records for reasons that include providing healthcare, research, and reporting. Smile Digital Health CEO, Duncan Weatherston, took that imperative one step further during his presentation at the 2020 MedTech Showcase in Ontario. In this video, he envisions the future of provincial, national, and global healthcare as a continuum where there is no distinction between electronic health and the delivery of healthcare. 

Weatherston examines Smile's role in making this vision a reality through seamless and enterprise-ready services, regardless of existing IT infrastructure. Powered by open source HAPI FHIR, the most widely adopted and tested FHIR library in the world, these solutions underscore the importance of scalability, interoperability, availability, security privacy, and policy compliance. He also discussed how national interoperability can transcend jurisdictional policies and practice to achieve connected healthcare, as well as pave the way for developing nations to build their own applications in support of better global health.

HealthCare Technology Innovation in Ontario (00:12)
FHIR as a Global Standard (01:23)
Smile Digital Health is Enterprise-Grade (02:50)
Canadian Interoperability (04:18)
Where Smile CDR is Deployed (05:35)