Smile Digital Health Pandemic Response with a FHIR Data Platform

COVID-19 has exposed some of the challenges and opportunities with new technologies and infrastructures that support the rapid sharing of information among clinicians, public health authorities, and other stakeholders who are on the front lines of the pandemic. In this presentation for the Virtual Govtech Summit Series organized by DisGovr Canada, CEO Duncan Weatherston shared Smile's response to the crisis, including the building of customizable, open source self-registration and clinical engagement components, as well as the organization’s relationships with partners, applications, and programs.

The webinar touches on how Smiles' FHIR data platform with its open, extensible architecture as well as the ability to integrate electronic health records and IT systems can capitalize on existing technologies to allow healthcare information to be quickly and easily accessed, controlled, and shared in meaningful ways–realizing value at all levels of the healthcare stack. From the notification and distribution of events as they happen to the creation of capabilities on the fly that leverage existing policy frameworks—discover how technology can meet current and future pandemic needs.