Webinar: FHIR Implementation Strategies for Payers

Author:  Clement Ng

The final rules governing interoperability and patient access, released in March by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) overhaul how healthcare delivery organizations, health insurers and patients exchange health data. 

These rules put much of the focus on Payers to set up data retrieval and ingestion systems and begin storing and sharing both claims and, for the first time, clinical data using FHIR. The phased timeline attached to the rules requires Payers to begin implementing these changes as early as 2021. 

Many Payers are wondering what kind of technology they’ll need to successfully comply with these requirements. 

Smile Digital Health’s CEO Duncan Weatherston joined our partner TIBCO’s Mike Kennedy and Jim Taylor in a recent webinar hosted by WEDI to discuss some implementation strategies designed to help Payers get started with FHIR quickly and securely, while enabling future compliance and innovation.

Register to view this recording of the webinar to learn: 

  • What the new rules require from Payers
  • How Payers can benefit from joining the FHIR ecosystem
  • Five characteristics Payers should look for in an enterprise interoperability solution 
  • Reference architecture to accelerate interoperability 
  • Seven key considerations for any enterprise Payer implementation 
  • Two deployment models 
  • Why the new rules are a huge opportunity for Payers to realize value from data analytics and improve their digital customer experience 

Get in touch to learn more about how a solution combining TIBCO’s industry-leading data integration and analytics tools with Smile’s best-of-breed enterprise FHIR platform can help Payers not just comply but thrive under the new regulations.