Smile Digital Health selected as MedStack’s FHIR solution

Smile Digital Health has been chosen as the FHIR-based health data repository for MedStack’s HIPAA- and PHIPA-compliant healthcare application hosting environment.

Digital health application developers in Canada and US hosted on the MedStack platform can now seamlessly add Smile to their technology stack. This means – among MedStack’s other offerings – they can immediately benefit from Smile’s complete FHIR compatibility, security, terminology translation, and auditing capabilities.

“Customers can continue to enjoy Smile CDR as a standalone product either hosted by us or implemented on-premises,” said James Agnew, CTO of Simpatico Intelligent Systems. “Smile CDR on MedStack means our partners can offer additional value by helping their customers easily adopt FHIR and overcome the challenges of health data interoperability across our industry.”