Smile CDR is the First Company to Receive Certification of Compliance with U.S. Health Interoperability Standards

Drummond certification confirms successful completion of rigorous criteria for interoperability testing of Smile CDR's FHIR platform

Smile CDR, a leading health data storage and integration company, is the first company to receive certification showing compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule (CMS-9115-F). Specifically, the company achieved the Drummond Group Payer and Patient Access Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR®) Application Programming Interface (API) Certification. The Drummond certification, powered by Touchstone, is the only independent testing and certification program certifying interoperability and compliance with CMS Final Rule standards. The certification validates Smile CDR’s platform as fully compliant with the HL7 U.S. Drug Formulary FHIR® Implementation Guide referenced in the Patient Access API requirements of the CMS Final Rule. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 4.34.12 PM“Interoperability is one of the fundamental tenets that is going to drive meaningful change in the U.S. healthcare system and deliver greater value for hospitals and health systems,” said Duncan Weatherston, Chief Executive Officer at Smile CDR. “With rapidly approaching regulatory deadlines, we are committed to ensuring that our FHIR-based, commercially-supported clinical data repository is rigorously compliant with the new CMS Final Rule, and we are honoured to be the first recipient of Drummond’s Certification authenticating that compliance.”

Under the CMS Final Rule, U.S. government health plans must have a patient access API by July 1 to provide patients user-friendly access to their records anytime they need it. The Drummond certification uses the Touchstone platform to provide organizations with confidence in fulfilling the CMS Final Rule requirements. It reduces the risk to payers, providers, and developers that their application may not be truly, or only partially, interoperable in real-world settings.

“Drummond’s comprehensive testing and certification program combined with the AEGIS Touchstone testing platform for FHIR® delivers accurate, objective validations of the new CMS rules,” said Brian Gibb, Drummond CEO and president. “Smile CDR's software marks the first to successfully achieve Patient Access API Badge for Drug Formulary certification under our new program and we commend their enthusiasm and commitment as our inaugural participant.” 

Smile CDR's expansive clinical data repository consists of seven diverse applications that provide customers with a wide range of uses including better integration of clinical data, more standardized care pathways and eReferral solutions. The variety of applications allows clinicians to easily make standards-based models, giving non-technical subject matter experts the ability to create automatable, visual clinical guidelines and pathways, display extensive patient records from electronic health records systems (EHRs), and secure a human-like artificial intelligence (AI) interface for patients and clinicians to easily access and interact with their medical records. Additionally, Smile CDR also offers technology and integration assistance, compliance testing and delivery for these applications.

Continuing the trend of being first in the industry to bring new value to customers, Smile CDR is currently working with Drummond on securing two additional Patient Access API badges for Claims and Encounters and Patient Clinical Data. Additionally, Smile CDR is also working towards the Provider Directory API Certification to authenticate compliance by ensuring provider directory information is available via the Provider Directory API.

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