Smile Digital Health in Norway with Egde Consulting!

Smile Digital Health is partnering with Egde Consulting AS in Norway!  

As one of Southern Norway’s leading digital services firms, Egde focuses on technology, consulting, development and design for a range of businesses including digital health solutions. 

With offices in Grimstad and Kristiansand, Egde specializes in the standardization of health technology and is an expert center for advising the development and testing of e-health solutions. Its Test and Certification Center is integrated with an innovative “living lab” where real users are involved in testing new technologies to help companies identify the right requirements for their digital health solutions, in addition to providing QA and standards certification. 

Egde works closely with central authorities, research institutions, municipalities and health authorities to help develop effective health systems that focus on the user.

“We are very excited to help drive the adoption of FHIR in Norway, which we believe will be instrumental for connected health systems of the future,” says Ann-Elisabeth Ludvigsen, head of e-health and public sector at Egde Consulting.

“Egde Consulting is leading the way in innovative Smart on FHIR implementations, especially for mobile applications,” says Duncan Weatherston, CEO. “We are very excited to work with them in discovering more use cases to push the boundaries of connected health systems and realizing the promise and mission of FHIR.”

Let us know if you’d like to hear more about our initiatives in Norway.

Fortsett å smile!