Smile CDR 2021.05.R01 and HAPI FHIR 5.4.0 (Pangolin) Quarterly Product Release Webinar

Thanks to everyone who joined our Pangolin Quarterly Product Release webinar on May 20, 2021!

If you couldn't join us, or just want to watch the webinar again, you're in luck. You can watch it below. Or, download and share a PDF of the presentation slides. 


Release Highlights:

Smile Digital Health

  • Channel Import (Kafka) support for Transaction Bundles payload format
  • ETL Asynchronous mode for background execution
  • HL7 v2.x support for Inbound VXU, ORM, and SIU, and Outbound General ADT Mode
  • NEW suite of SMART App Management tools
    1. App Developer Portal: White-label portal for SMART on FHIR app developers (e.g. 3rd party, internal, or partner) to register their apps with your Smile CDR FHIR server
    2. App Management Console: Workflow management interface for managing app registration requests and ongoing connectivity
    3. App Gallery: White-label gallery for app end-users (e.g. patients, providers, administrators) to discover apps connected to your Smile CDR FHIR server


  • OpenAPI / Swagger support
  • Many MDM Enhancements: Survivorship rules ("Golden Record"), FHIRPath rules, new MDM match syntax, and MDM-aware Group Export
  • Bulk Patient Export and Bulk Group Export support
  • Partitioning support for reindexing and Bulk Export


You’ll find the full details in the Smile CDR 2021.05.R01 Changelog and HAPI FHIR 5.4.0 Changelog.

We are continually learning so much from your participation — Contact Us to let us know how we are doing and what we can do better!

Stay tuned for more updates on our next interim release in June, and full release in August!