New HAPI FHIR and Smile CDR Releases

Author:  Clement Ng

We are very happy to announce that we have finalized the simultaneous releases of HAPI FHIR 3.1.0 and Smile CDR 2017.11.R01.

Smile CDR 2017.11.R01

This release contains a number of enhancements, several performance enhancements, as well as some bugfixes.

The complete list of changes is available in the product Changelog.

Key improvements include:

  • Various improvements to HL7 v2.x processing modules, including support for Condition resources, better extended charset support, better detection/rejection of invalid messages (e.g. ADT^A01 with no patient specified) and more detail on mapping issues being sent to the transaction log.
  • Support for SQL Server (MSSQL) has been added
  • Audit log access via the JSON Admin API has been added
  • An annoying bug has been fixed that caused a user’s password to be reset when their permissions were changed via the Web Admin Conosle


This release brings a number of improvements:

  • Support for Android has been restored, and improved while we’re at it! The use of a special “uberjar” with its own classifier is no longer required, hapi-fhir-android works as a normal Gradle dependency in your Android build. See the HAPI FHIR Android Integration Test for an example.
  • Support for the Cache-Control header has been added for JPA server searches, allowing a client to request that cached results not be used.
  • A number of bugs were fixed and performance improvements were made (see the changelog for a full list)
  • Spring has been upgraded to the 5.0 series.
  • Some initial refactoring has occurred towards enabling ElasticSearch support in JPA server. Note that any existing JPA projects will need to add an additional property in their Spring config called See this line in the example project.
  • Support for Spring Boot has been added to many of the modules of the libaray. See the Spring Boot Samples for examples of how to use this.

Visit our release page or grab a copy via the Maven repositories.