HAPI FHIR Site Relaunch!

Author:  Clement Ng

We’re excited to announce the relaunch of the HAPI FHIR website

Apart from a fresh new look, we’ve also added some exciting new features like the HAPI FHIR Global Atlas and a diagram to help spark ideas for how you can use HAPI FHIR. 

HAPI FHIR is the open-source reference implementation of the HL7 FHIR standard in Java, built and maintained by our very own Head Geek/CTO James Agnew. With around 20,000 downloads a month, it’s the most popular FHIR implementation globally and is used to power health interoperability projects around the world. 

However the HAPI FHIR project, like FHIR itself, is much more than a one-man show. It’s a global, open community of dedicated health informaticians, software developers, and others from both the public and private sectors who pitch in to write code, contribute documentation and share their implementation experience.

Smile Digital Health is proud to support the HAPI FHIR project and to keep pushing healthcare systems everywhere towards greater connectivity and interoperability.