Quarterly Product Release Webinar - February 2021

Thanks to everyone who joined our Odyssey release webinar!

If you couldn't join us, or just want to watch the webinar again, you're in luck. You can watch it below. Or, download and share a PDF of the presentation slides here.

Release Highlights:

Smile CDR

  • CDS Hooks: Enhance clinical decision support (CDS) system (e.g. EHR) workflows with real-time hooks into the CDR, returning clinical guidance in the form of cards.
  • FHIR Repository Validation API and dedicated conformance repository.
  • FHIR Gateway Multi-Target Query: Simplify queries in multi-FHIR-server scenarios.
  • MongoDB: Extend Support for Pagination and many Prefixes.


  • Master Data Management: Broadened EMPI beyond Person matching, to enable MDM.
  • Clinical Quality Language (CQL): Support for $evaluate-measure operation.
  • FHIR Repository Validation: Declare and enforce rules on profile conformance in FHIR repositories.
  • Normalized Quantity Searches: Search for resources using normalized units (e.g. search in centimeters and match measurements in inches).
  • Upgrade to Hibernate Search 6 (support for ElasticSearch 6 and 7)


Help name our Ambassador, the Smile CDR Adventurer, and grab a sticker pack while you’re at it!

Register for the 1st Annual Smile CDR User Symposium!

You’ll find the full details in the Smile CDR 2021.02.R01 Changelog and HAPI FHIR 5.3.0 Changelog.

We are continually learning so much from your participation — so drop us a line to let us know how we are doing and what we can do better.

Stay tuned for more updates on our next release in May!