HAPI FHIR 5.5.0 and Smile CDR 2021.08.R01 Quasar Release Webinar

Thanks to everyone who joined our Quasar Quarterly Product Release webinar on August 19, 2021!

If you couldn't join us or want to watch the webinar again, you're in luck. You can watch it below. Or download and share a PDF of the presentation slides.


Release Highlights:

Smile CDR
  • Enhancements to the CDA Exchange Module to support generation of a number of new sections.
  • Increased partitioning support of evaluation operations and import modules.
  • Improvements to the Batch Job JSON API. Jobs can now also be managed via the Web Admin Console.
  • MDM operations for querying links and golden records now support paging through results.
  • The FHIR Storage Module provides a number of new configuration options and settings for selectively enabling and disabling tasks, controlling subscription processing, suppressing validation messages, and improving performance.
  • Enhancements to MongoDB to support instance-level history, performance tracing, and new search parameters.
  • A new Config Diagnostics page has been added to the Web Admin Console that detects and reports common misconfiguration.
  • A number of new fields are now supported for HL7 v2.x PV1, DG1, and AL1 segments.
  • App Management Tools added:
      • Enhancements to mitigate 3rd-party app legal risk by improving the developer attestation editing and versioning capabilities
      • Powerful UI to effectively communicate risks to patients in plain language during the auth process
      • Enhancements to patient request process for 3rd party apps
      • Email server support to notify app developers of registration approvals and app status changes
      • Sandbox capability to enable app testing before registration
  • Significant performance improvements. All areas of the codebase have seen profiling and optimization work, while data ingestion speeds continue to improve.
  • New interceptors have been added to selectively suppress validation messages, generate consistent partition IDs, and improve performance and validation.
  • Enhancements to the DaoConfig to enable rapid data ingestion, control the maximum number of resources added to a single search page result, and enable/disable individual scheduled tasks.
  • Pagination of MDM operations
  • Support for ICD-10-CM and LOINC 2.70

You'll find the full details in the Smile CDR 2021.08.R01 Changelog and HAPI FHIR 5.5.0 Changelog.