4Medica and Smile Digital Health Partner to Improve Healthcare Data Quality

Interoperability allows payers and providers to manage and leverage data, improves efficiency, and reduces healthcare costs

4medica Logo_New Tagline_One Patient One Record_050518MARINA DEL REY, Calif. and TORONTO, December 7, 2021 – 4medica®, a leader in healthcare data quality and patient matching technology, and Smile CDR, a leading health data and integration platform, are partnering to improve patient outcomes by improving the quality of health data available to providers and payers.

Low-quality data such as duplicate records, missing patient names, and obsolete information creates barriers to care delivery and billing/payment processes while increasing expense across the healthcare ecosystem through inefficiency. As more patient health data than ever is collected through medical equipment, digital devices and apps, it is increasingly important that provider and payer organizations are able to manage and leverage that data.

4medica’s multi-tier, cloud-based Health Data Quality (HDQ) Platform integrates data from different sources such as lab, imaging, medication, encounter or vaccination, and normalizes it to improve consistency, while also creating a global ID for patients that allows them to be matched to their data. The company’s mission is reflected in its tagline, “One Patient…One Record.”

Smile CDR’s data and integration platform includes a complete clinical data repository built around the HL7® FHIR® standard used for storing health records and supports all FHIR Resources. While Smile CDR has been part of 4medica’s HDQ platform, this new partnership focuses on mutual business opportunities working with health information exchanges, hospitals, health plans and provider organizations to deliver clean, aggregated data. 

“Pairing 4medica’s Health Data Quality platform with Smile CDR’s data aggregation and storage capabilities will result in better patient matching and higher-quality data in the formats required by different healthcare organizations,” said Gregg Church, president of 4medica. “This partnership gives us more sophistication inside the data that enables better care coordination, greater clinical insights, and a healthier population.”

Provider organizations and health plans using 4medica’s HDQ platform can benefit from powerful analytics derived from standardized data that is curated, enriched and organized for easy sharing by Smile CDR. The HDQ platform can distribute analytics data across multiple user interfaces and portals, putting actionable data in the hands of users when they need it.

“The market demands reliable aggregated data that can drive actionable insights,” said Clement Ng, co-founder and chief revenue officer of Smile CDR. “Together with 4medica we are providing a platform that finally makes data available in real time, allowing for much needed information to get out in many ways to patients, payers, and providers, thereby improving care coordination and clinical outcomes.”

About 4medica

For more than two decades, 4medica® solves data integrity, financial and wellness management challenges to achieve true clinical interoperability and transparency. 4medica's Perfect Order for Perfect Payment™ integrates end-to-end high-volume revenue cycle management services. Our Big Data Management and Clinical Data Exchange cloud solutions facilitate patient identity management and data exchange to ensure the right data is captured at the right time, the first time, guaranteeing an unprecedented 1% patient record duplication rate. 4medica has processed up to 6 billion clinical results representing more than 70 million patient identities. The company connects 40,000-plus physicians to hundreds of ACOs, HIEs, HINs, hospitals, health systems, laboratories, radiology imaging centers and payers nationwide. Learn more at www.4medica.com.

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