May 2022
Do you wish there was a checklist of must-have features a trusted FHIR vendor has? The wait is over, such a list is now available.

Read the Decisions, Decisions: How to Choose the Right FHIR Vendor for Your Organization eBook and apply it when thinking of hiring your new FHIR vendor. This detailed guide provides a comprehensive checklist needed to properly assess vendor’s promises, such as compliance with the upcoming interoperability and patient access regulations.

This guide can not only help you with your research and evaluation of vendors, but also includes the “red flags” to watch out for, so you can make an informed decision today without compromising your tomorrow.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to evaluate potential FHIR vendors’ vision for interoperability and how to inspect the depth of their integrations.

  • Empower yourself with well-crafted questions so you know how to test the verity of their claims.

  • Learn how to meet and prepare for compliance.

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