Hardening Health Systems Against Ransomware Vulnerabilities

While healthcare companies are particularly vulnerable to a ransomware attack, they are often the least equipped to deal with one, taking an average of 255 days to detect a breach and then another 103 days to contain it.1 By the time corrupt data is noticed, it can propagate across network drives and databases to the point where even the backups are infected, making it difficult to identify the last clean copy of data. With a “ransomware-proof” system impossible to achieve, the key is to have a plan in place to identify, contain, and recover from an event in short order. 

In this Digital Health Canada webinar, Verto CEO Michael Miller and Smile Digital Health CEO Duncan Weatherston discuss the threat environment, as well as how data virtualization and an HL7 FHIR implementation added to a company’s existing ecosystem work to allow rapid discovery and isolation of infected data, reducing recovery times to a matter of minutes. This solution makes an organization more resilient and ensures business continuity through a redundant electronic health record user interface to support clinical operations in the aftermath of an attack. 



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