Interoperability platforms allow innovation to flourish. Technical barriers are lifted via the use of these platforms, enabling providers to gain workflow efficiencies. From improved interoperability, providers expect benefits in these areas:

57% Optimized hospital throughput
55% Improved virtual care
54% Evidence-based medicine/outcomes
51% Improved care coordination between multiple providers (in network and out)
51% Easy patient self-appointment/rescheduling and
45% Improved hospital at home.

Watch Shane McNamee, MD, Senior VP at Smile Digital Health and guest speaker Natalie Schibell, former VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester in this informative webinar uncovering commissioned Forrester Consulting research on the current state of the industry, key research findings, current innovations in health IT, the importance of a cohesive interoperability strategy and the value of open standards.

In 2023, Smile Digital Health commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate US healthcare providers’ progress in improving interoperability. Forrester conducted an online survey with 145 senior-level interoperability leaders at US healthcare provider organizations to explore this topic.