February 2023

Have you been affected by the delays of manual extraction and validation of patients’ clinical quality measures (CQMs) while submitting them to the CMS?

Electronic clinical quality measures—eCQMs—are digital measures of healthcare quality that draw upon data from electronic health records (EHRs) and/or health IT systems. eCQM specifications are programmed to extract the required information and submit it in a readable format to CMS, saving time and resources while ensuring uniformity of data, increased submission frequencies and fewer errors. CMS currently mandates eCQMs for various aspects of patient care and is aiming to transition to all quality measures being digital by 2025. 

Read the whitepaper The Benefits of a FHIR-CQL Model for Clinical Quality Measure Evaluation to learn about the Smile Clinical Reasoning solution that provides healthcare organizations with an interoperable and consistent evaluation and reporting of eCQMs. 

By reading this whitepaper you’ll learn:

The current challenges healthcare providers are facing:

  • The CMS mandates for provider organizations
  • The metrics and data required to understand population health better
  • Ineffective system management due to the latest model of data monitoring 

The benefits of using a digital measure evaluation platform:

  • Ability to translate qualitative requirements to a quantitative model
  • Harmonization of standards used for eCQM reporting
  • Near real-time access to data

The Smile Clinical Reasoning solution offers:

  • Simplified eCQM reporting
  • Measured initiated to examine available data in FHIR and calculate a measure score for each patient  
  • Extended data usage to generate real-time quality measures for reporting

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