We recognize the diversity and individuality of black people, the big and small injustices that impact their lives, the seen and unseen aggressions endured, and the pain that occurs when we fail to weigh the humanity of others more highly than their physicality, fail to seek understanding, fail to question our assumptions and beliefs, fail to practice self-awareness and moreover when we fail to speak up.

These are dangerous omissions in a time when black people are dying disproportionately from targeted violence and the effects of systemic marginalization. The end of anti-black racism is long overdue.

We have hope for a more equitable world and believe that this is achievable. It is the responsibility of each of us to educate ourselves on anti-black racism and to figure out how we will move from silent complicity to supporters of our fellow humans in crisis.

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Please make use of the resources below which aim to sensitize us to how anti-black racism shows up in the world and is experienced.

About Racism



Black perspectives and cultural inquiries we found interesting