Improving care quality is a challenging and complex endeavor. Yet, one of the major barriers to improving care quality is the inability to confidently compare the quality of care delivered to patients across multiple providers.                    

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have introduced Meaningful Measures 2.0 (MM2.0), with the vision to impactfully improve quality measures, health outcomes, and deliver better value. This includes mandates that require the transition to fully digital FHIR®-based quality measures by 2030. This change will significantly impact an organization’s quality scores and the ability to measurably deliver high-quality care.

Preparing for these changes is more than just an exercise in meeting the bare minimum regulatory requirements. Even if 2030 may seem far away, the time for action is now.

Our whitepaper—Staying Competitive and Providing Value: How to Evolve and Implement Digital Quality Measures—has you covered. Download it today to learn:

  • Why you need to start now, in 2024, to strategically plan, prepare and implement upgrades to quality lifecycle at your organization
  • The benefits of using Smile Digital Health’s FHIR and CQL ready-for-market platform through our use-case Vituity        

  • How to implement in a way that leverages positive ROI, provides first-mover advantage, and lowers costs, while delivering high-quality care

  • Essential implementation considerations (i.e. the time, cost, effort, training) required for your organization to make strategic decisions at every step of this process

It is now time to leap forward in care quality and usher in the next evolution of healthcare. Don’t get left behind.

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