Smile Digital Health is thrilled to participate and sponsor FHIR DevDays this year. We love attending, networking with our peers, sharing our expertise, and teaching and learning from this awesome community of implementers and developers.

Catch our expert sessions

Speaker Presentation Date and Time
James Agnew Generating the International Patient Summary (IPS) with HAPI FHIR Monday, June 10th at 2:30pm
Bryn Rhodes Clinical Quality Language (CQL) Overview Tuesday, June 11th at 11:15am
Ken Stevens Topic Subscriptions in HAPI FHIR Tuesday, June 11th at 3:45pm
Bryn Rhodes Bringing a FHIR Clinical Guideline to life on Android: Example of WHO SMART Guidelines for Immunization Wednesday, June 12th at 11:15am
Bryn Rhodes The Future of CQL Thursday, June 13th at 11:15am


Continue Learning with Smile

Check out our video library and learn to streamline your dev cycles, automate with less retooling, leverage IGs and dive into new tools.

Exceeding Performance Benchmarks

As developers and implementers ourselves, we are accelerating the future of healthcare on the foundation of FHIR. Smile’s large-production FHIR deployments have set global benchmarks:

  • Over 2 billion stored FHIR resources (100s of TBs)

  • ~55,000 TPS (transaction per second)

  • Ingestion speed of 1.5TB/ week

  • ~15,000 concurrent users

  • More than 100 million lives represented by our US Payer clients

  • Over 16,000 automated tests run

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